we do cool stuff like bring web 3.0 to discord with flipsuite.



14k+ wallets.

700k+ transactions.

600+ servers.

engagement, reward systems, games, and economy. do it on-chain, multichain, and in discord.

your server is a total web 3.0 powerhouse.

or at least it could be.

add flipsuite to my server.

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the foundation of flipsuite's functionality lies in global discord and dashboard wallets, enabling participation in the flipguard ecosystem. make discord your web 3.0 playground and view every transaction on-chain.

dive deeper with modules.

convert your server into a sustainable reward system by configuring purpose-built modules.

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a simple yet robust module that allows you to lock server and flipsuite perks behind purchasable timed and permanent roles.

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a fully on-chain engagement driver. weaponize your community and drive meaningful engagement on X with this premium module.  

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a web 3.0 enabled, automated battle royal game for discord. set and forget automated battles with custom reward pools.

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flipsuite is an expanding feature-set of web 3.0 enabled fun.

grab the bot and see what it can do for your community.

need a break from web 3.0? try flipmmo.

the cross-server text based idle mmo. developed for discord by the runescape degens at flipguard.

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